How do buyers submit account applications?

SevenFifty standardizes the process of opening accounts with multiple distributors, saving buyers hours of paperwork. Buyers can fill out our electronic application, attach their resale certificate, and in less than 15 minutes they can submit an application to you. 

To get started, the buyer can click on the Vendors tab at the top of their screen. 

account applications subtab

Then they will click on the Account Application subtab and select the blue new account application button on the following page. The buyer needs to select the vendor company to send their application to from the dropdown menu, and complete the details in the form. To expedite processing, we recommend that buyers attach a photo of their liquor license. If a buyer is opening a new bar or restaurant and are still waiting for their license to be approved, they can check the box for a pending liquor license.

pending license checkbox

Lastly, the buyer will enter in their trade and bank reference. If the buyer knows their sales rep at the distributor they are applying to, they enter the rep's name at the bottom. This will help ensure that the application assigns the account to the correct rep.

When the application is complete, the buyer needs to click on the blue review and sign button. On the following page, an Adobe eSign document will be prepared. eSign documents employ an electronic signature to create a legally binding agreement. If the buyer is not authorized to sign on behalf of the establishment, they can send a link to that person - the signee does not need to have a SevenFifty account.

ready for signature application

To complete the application, the buyer needs to review the PDF and click on the fields with red asterisks. The buyer must enter their email address, and a pop up window will open to provide the electronic signature.


After submitting this form, the buyer will receive an email to verify that they own the address entered. The buyer must click the link in that email to complete your digital signature, otherwise the account application will remain incomplete. By clicking this link, the buyer approves the signature on this application. Once the signature is confirmed, the application will be sent to your account opening department for review. 


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