How does SevenFifty's buyer ordering system work?

Buyers can use SevenFifty's order management tool at any time by clicking on the Orders tab from the navigation bar. To get started, buyers must read and accept the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page and hit the Submit.

To see what the ordering process looks like from a buyer’s perspective, see this guide.

From the Orders tab, buyers can create their first order by clicking neworderbutton.png or by adding any product via the Quick Add bar at the top of the page. Once a product has been added, a draft order for the distributor who carries that item will be created.

When buyers are ready to submit their order, they can click on the reviewfinalize.png button. This opens an email composer which enables the buyer to send this information to their rep. This process works just like any email communication, except that the order email contains all the detailed information about the product like its SKU/item code, vintage, size format, and delivery instructions. 

If a sales rep is assigned to an account on SevenFifty, that rep's information and email address with autopopulate in the 'To' field. Buyers can also CC other colleagues at their establishment (like an assistant buyer) so they’re included on the correspondence. Buyers can additionally enter in their sales rep's phone number to send an SMS alert about this order. 

If this is a buyer's first order to a new distributor or if the buyer is unsure of whom their sales rep is, we encourage them to submit an account application on SevenFifty first, or to call the distributor's credit department to open an account.

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