How do I find a missing item?

There may be a few reasons why an item in your portfolio is not coming up when searching under the Screen_Shot_2017-08-29_at_3.33.43_PM.png tab or when adding items to your Sample Sheet. When this occurs, there are a few different ways to look into a missing item.

Search for the product by SKU.

When a product is loaded to SevenFifty but has been marked “End of vintage” or does not have pricing, the product will not show up when searching by keyword in Browse. This does not mean there is no longer a record of the product, but only that it may have been deactivated. Hiding the item from keyword search prevents adding a product that may be out of stock to a Sample Sheet, and also prevents buyers who are browsing your SevenFifty portfolio from finding an inactive item.

In order to find an item that has become inactive, searching for the product’s SKU will take you directly to the product detail page if the product is loaded and there are no other inactive vintages of the SKU in your SevenFifty portfolio.

For example, if a product’s SKU was skunumber_1234, you could search for:


If you find the product by SKU and see that it is labeled “End of Vintage” or has no pricing, you can reach out to your manager to inquire about having the product listing updated to include pricing and be marked as “Active.”

What if the SKU search returns no results?

Reach out to and be sure to include the SKU of the product in question. A SKU is necessary to help the support team locate your product. If there are multiple missing products, you can provide multiple SKUs or a few example SKUs if these products were all likely loaded at the same time.

There are a few reasons a product may not be loaded and accessible, but it’s important to note that vendors maintain their portfolios on SevenFifty either manually or by sending SevenFifty a regularly updated products file. A product not appearing on the site is often the result of a SKU not being listed in a product file sent to us, an unresolved question or conflict when the SKU was first loaded, or another error in the product loading process.

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