What do I do if there's an error with a product listing?

If there seems to be something wrong with a product listing, there are two options:

Incorrect Pricing or Wrong Item for SKU

If a product appears to have been listed with incorrect pricing or it appears to be the incorrect item, select the green Help button toward the bottom of the page to inform the Support Team. Please include details such as the SKU, what information is incorrect, and what the expected information should be.

Incomplete Description, Label Image Suggestion

If a product appears to have an incomplete description or a label appears to be incorrect, you can use the Suggest correction button located on the left-hand hand side of each product page to send a note directly to SevenFifty’s data team.

Please note that our data team is always actively going through vendor portfolios to complete missing data, so rather than reaching out to indicate that a description seems incomplete, please supply a tech sheet or cite a resource indicating a more complete description. For label images, we require a .png or .jpg non-watermarked image file. We cannot accept image files within a PDF.

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