Using The Browse Tab

(Video Tutorial For Browse)

There are multiple ways to search through your portfolio on SevenFifty using the Screen_Shot_2017-08-29_at_3.33.43_PM.png tab. You can either use the Search Bar, located at the top of the page, or apply filters, located along the left-hand side (or toward the bottom of the page when viewing on a mobile device.)


Using the Search Bar

With the Search Bar, you can use a combination of keywords to find your products, such as a combination of producer name, grape, and vintage. If this method returns no results, it may be best to break your search up into smaller parts and searching only by one or two keywords.

Searching with Filters

Filters are one of the most powerful tools on SevenFifty. You can apply as few or as many as you’d like, as filters can be combined when searching for a product. Searching using the search bar will remove any filters you’ve set.

What if I'm not finding expected results?

If a product does not appear when applying filters or searching by keyword, try searching solely by the product’s SKU (example SKU below, “skunumber_1234.”) Browse will not pull up a product when searching by keyword if the product has been labeled “End of Vintage” or has no pricing, so searching by SKU should pull up the exact product if it has been loaded in SevenFifty.


For more information, see How do I find a missing item?

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