Using Sample Sheets

The sample sheet creator is a convenient way for you to share products you are tasting with your accounts. You can quickly put together sample sheets and share them with your buyers, either digitally or by generating PDFs customized for each of your accounts, complete with labels, pricing, and notes you may want to provide on the products. Each Sample Sheet you create is organized by the date you plan on sampling the products, and can be used for multiple accounts sampling all the same or varied products on that date.


To create a sample sheet, click on the Samples tab in the main navigation bar. You’ll see a list of samples organized by date. If this is your first time making a Sample Sheet, nothing will appear in this list yet. Create a new sheet by clicking the links below “Samples” to create a sheet for today or tomorrow, or click the blue Add a sample sheet button in the top right corner to choose a date from a drop-down calendar.

Getting Started


A newly created Sample Sheet will look similar to the above image. To begin, you can enter some general notes or a title for the samples (1). You’ll also need to choose which accounts you’ll be sampling with that day (2). In the “Choose accounts” field, you can start typing the name of an account you want to add and it should autocomplete just below the text field. Select the account when it appears to add it. By tagging the account(s), this will save the items tasted on the sampling history on the account detail page. If an account does not appear when searching in the “Choose accounts” field, go to your Accounts tab and check to see if the account is listed. If it is not, you’ll need to reach out to a supervisor to inquire about having your accounts updated. See How do I manage my accounts? for more information on this topic.

Adding Products


In the third text field, you can start typing to search through your SevenFifty portfolio. If a product does not appear when searching, please view this article about missing products. Products will start to populate below, and you can select them to add them to your Sample Sheet. Please note that only ten items can populate at one time in this field, so if you are not seeing your result, try being more specific with keywords or using the SKU.

Customizing Your Sample Sheet


When you’ve added some items to your Sample Sheet, you’ll see some options available at the item level. By default, all the accounts you’ve tagged at the top of the page will appear in field (1), but you can click the X’s if you don’t plan on showing a particular product to a specific account. The Notes field (2) is where you can manually enter notes about the product, or you can select the “More” menu to the right of that field (3) to select the Producer or Product Descriptions from the product detail page (when available), or select your previously used notes on the item if there are any. By clicking “Add price quotes” (4) you can alter the pricing that appears to your buyers. If your vendor company has opted to hide certain discounts, you can use this feature to add them back to a finalized Sample Sheet.

Sharing your Sample Sheet

You can share your sample sheet in two ways: Generating a PDF to download, print, email, or share as you see fit, or share digitally.


You can share your sample sheets digitally by clicking the Share with buyers button (1) in the left-hand toolbar. This will take you to a page allowing you to specify the recipient of each sample sheet by entering the email addresses of your buyers at each account you've tagged when creating the sample sheet (2).


To print your sample sheet, you can click Generate printable PDF from the left-hand toolbar. This will open up a menu to generate a PDF (Portable Document Format) file which you can then download and print or email as you would any document.

Toggling the Display options (1) will allow you to specify what information you'd like to include in your PDF. Be sure to click Regenerate PDF after toggling any of the listed options to make sure the file you create saves all the changes.

Below the Display options menu will be the PDFs section (2). The PDF generator will create as many unique PDFs as you need, depending on how much you customize tagged accounts when creating your Sample Sheet. For instance, in the above example, if you were sampling all the same products to Aardvark Room as you were at Ed's Chowder House, it would generate one PDF that you could use for both visits, since the products are the same. If you were bringing a different set or products to Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar, or just omitting or adding a few items not shown at other accounts that day, a unique PDF would be generated just for that account.



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