How do I share my portfolio?

SevenFifty offers you many ways to share all or portions of your portfolio.

Share digitally

The easiest way to share all or portions of your portfolio is by sending links to SevenFifty to your buyers. Most importantly, this will share your most up to date portfolio, as opposed to a static PDF document.

You can share your entire portfolio with a buyer by sharing your company profile link. You can find this by going to your SevenFifty homepage and clicking on the View company profile link, located next to your profile picture on the left hand side of the page. 

SevenFifty homepage company profile

If you are looking to share portions of your portfolio with a buyer (e.g. Bourbons, domestic still rosés, beer in sixtel kegs, etc), the simplest way is to use the filters in the Browse tab and send the link to the buyer. The buyer can then sort as they need and even add items to their shopping cart to submit an order, if they are using SevenFifty's order management tool.

For example, by using the filters, a rep could share these 32 beers in sixtel kegs by copying the link at the top of the page and sending it to the buyer. 

share sixtels

Note: a buyer must have a SevenFifty account in order to view this link. If they do not yet have an account, they can sign up for free at


You can also share smaller parts of your portfolio with the Lists feature. Lists are a great tool for pitching new products to buyers, such as new By the Glass options. Lists can be shared digitally or via PDFs and are best with around 50 items or less. Click here to read more about Lists. 

Tech Sheets

If you want to send a buyer details on a specific product, you can easily create a tech sheet. When you find the item, click on its name to open the full product detail page. On the left hand panel, click the PDF Options button. Click the Generate PDF link to create the tech sheet. 

Price Books

Another way to share your portfolio is with the Price Book feature. If your company has opted in to the Price Book feature, you can quickly generate a PDF of your entire or large sections of your portfolio with this tool. Click here to read more about Price Books. 

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