How do I manage my Accounts?

Under the Accounts tab, you’ll find all of your account assignments as they have been sent to us.

How are my accounts maintained?

Many companies maintain their sales reps’ account assignments via an Accounts file that is sent to SevenFifty for processing at regular intervals, be it daily, weekly, or monthly. Inquire with a supervisor regarding how your company handles account assignments. Your company may intend for you to maintain your own Accounts manually.

View this video for a quick tutorial on manually adding Accounts.

If you are missing an account or are assigned an account that doesn’t belong to you, this is often because an updated file has not been sent to SevenFifty for processing. If your company maintains accounts, you should be able to reach out to a supervisor to inquire about having your assignments updated if something appears incorrect.

I’m changing routes and need to update my accounts.

Distributors generally maintain their users routes using an accounts file, so if you have yet to see your accounts updated, reach out to a supervisor to inquire about having this file updated.

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