Generating price books

Price Books are an easy way for you to share large portions of your portfolio with your buyers who prefer paper or PDF copies. You can access the Price Book feature by going to your SevenFifty homepage. Scroll down to the Product Features listing and click on the Price book link.

Note: Price Books are an additional feature to SevenFifty. If you do not see the Price Book link on your homepage, please contact your manager for further details. Click here to read about other ways to share your portfolio. 

There are many customization options available to tailor to the needs of your customers. At the top of the page, you can add in notes or your contact details. You can create a price book with all of your portfolio's products, or you can limit the items by adding filters in fields seen below.

price book filters

If your company operates in multiple states or regions, you can select that area's available pricing and products to display in the price book in the Buyer location dropdown menu.  

states dropdown

When you have added all necessary customization options, click on the generate price bookg button. This will open a new page where your price book will download. Click on the link on the following page to open the PDF in your internet browser. 

click here to download

You can save this PDF to your device and share it with your buyer by emailing it or by printing a copy. 

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