What is the difference between a List and a Sample Sheet?

We often get asked the difference between Lists and Sample Sheets. Sample Sheets Screen_Shot_2017-08-29_at_3.45.41_PM.png are intended to record the products that you plan to bring on tasting visits with buyers, where you’ll want to record the specific accounts you visited, the buyer's reactions, and access the history of those visits. They are tied to a particular calendar date, and your sampling activity is stored on SevenFifty so that you can access your sampling history with your accounts at any time. Make sure to always tag accounts when making your sample sheets to get the most use out of this feature.

Lists are intended for more generic use, like Focus Products this Month, Spring Rosés, or Keg Beers. You can share the url of your list to have an evergreen list of products that fit your criteria. Lists are not tied to a particular calendar date.

Lists Screen_Shot_2017-08-29_at_3.45.48_PM.png do not offer the same Sample History capability as Sample Sheets, and cannot be converted into Sample Sheets or vice versa.



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