Sample History Report

The sample history report gives an aggregate view of what products are being taken as samples to which accounts at what times. It permits looking at the history of tasting activity broken down by account, product, and time period. These filters can be combined in many ways to answer a variety of questions.


There are two primary sections of the page: the Filter section and the Log section. The Filter section is the top half of the page and is used to filter down to samples of interest based on time period, account, and product. The Log section is below the filters and shows the results of the filtering.


You can use the filters on SevenFifty to browse through your sampling history. For example, you can select an account or a product to analyze your sampling history. For example, by clicking on Markowitsch - Rosé on the Products filter, all 24 accounts will display below that have been sampled on this item.  


You can also export your sampling history into an Excel file. To do so, click on the Sample history button under Exports on the left hand panel. This will open a new page where you can select the date range desired and generate an Excel file with your sampling history. 

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