Buyer reactions and reminders

After tasting with your accounts, you can use SevenFifty to track buyer reactions and set up reminders from your sample sheet. Buyer reactions allow you to add freeform text or preset reactions on products. Reminders can be set up to follow up with buyers when they are ready to purchase. 

Note: you have to tag an account on a sample sheet in order to user buyer reactions and reminders. 

To add reactions or reminders, go to Samples.png tab and find the date in question. Click on the Add reactions button on the right hand side. 


You can enter in notes in the text field, or use preset reactions in the dropdown menu. These notes and reactions do not display to buyers. 


When a buyer would like to order a product, but can't commit at the present, you can use the Reminder tool to never miss a sales opportunity. Click on the Add reminder link on the right hand side of the product listing. This will open a note field and a calendar. Enter in your reminder information and click on a date. Then select the create.png button. An email will be sent to you on the date selected. 



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