Manage contact information

While we recommend verifying an account because this connects you directly to your buyers, the Contacts feature lets you keep track of buyers not yet on SevenFifty. You can add contact information on the account detail page or on the Contacts subtab.

On an account detail page, you can scroll down to the Contacts listing and click on the 'Add a new contact' link. This will open a pop up window where you can enter in the buyer's information. Click the blue save.png button to add this information to the account. 

account detail add contact

You can also add contacts by navigating to the accounts tab and selecting the Contacts subtab. Click on the add a contact button button. On the following page, enter in the buyer's information. When you have added all of the necessary fields, click the save button or the create and add another button.  

manually add contact

Additionally, you can use SevenFifty's template to upload many contacts at once. Navigate to the accounts tab and click on the Import subtab. Download the template file by clicking the upload template link. When you have entered all buyer contact information, you can return to the Import subtab. Click on the Choose File button and select your updated contacts template file. Then hit the upload contacts file button to import your buyer contact information. 

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