Troubleshooting PDF generation

General Issues

At certain times of day, SevenFifty will be busier than usual and can create lag times in generating a PDF. If you experience a delay, please wait for the download to finish. If it has not finished in a few minutes, please contact for further assistance. 

Edge/Internet Explorer

There are known problems using Windows and the internet browser Edge/Internet Explorer and trying to load PDFs. 

You can still download PDFs using Edge/Internet Explorer. To do so for Sample Sheets, click the Generate printable PDF button. On the following page, right click the ‘Click here to download’ link and select the Save target as option. This will allow you to save the PDF to your device and then print it.


Alternatively, you can share sample sheet digitally with your buyers. Buyers now have a Samples tab where they can review previously shared samples and add notes about the products tasted. Click here for further details on how to share sample sheets digitally.

If you aren't required to use Edge/Internet Explorer as your internet browser, you can use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, both of which can save and open PDFs with no issues on Windows.

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