How do I resolve my QuickBooks connectivity issue?

First, check your Web Connector. The most common problem is that the Web Connector application is closed. If the Web Connector application is closed, this prohibits SevenFifty from accessing QuickBooks.

Note: Instead of closing the Web Connector application, click "Hide" or minimize the window to allow the Web Connector to run in the background.

To check the Web Connector:

    1. Open QuickBooks and login as the user who installed the QuickBooks Web Connector. Note: make sure you login on the computer you installed the Web Connector.
    2. Go to the start menu under QuickBooks > Web Connector to open the Web Connector (you can also search “web connector” in the start menu).
    3. Make sure the SevenFifty QuickBooks Integration is listed as an Application.
      Note: If there is no SevenFifty QuickBooks Integration listed here, contact your Technical Account Manager.
    4. Check the box to the left of the SevenFifty QuickBooks Integration Application and then click "Update Selected”.


5. Check the status of the Application Progress bar. When this reaches 100% you have successfully synced and the alert on SevenFifty will disappear.


If the Application Progress reaches 100% the connection has been restored. Be sure that you click "Hide" or minimize the Web Connector. Do not close the Web Connector.

Further troubleshooting

If the Application Progress bar does not complete, your SevenFifty Technical Account Manager can assist you.

To get started, please send your Technical Account Manager an email with the following:

  1. A screenshot of the Web Connector window and any error message that appears.
  2. The Log text from the failed connection.

a) To save the log text, click "view log" in the top right on the web connector:


b) Copy that text and save it as a text document. Send that output as a text document to your Technical Account Manager.

If you do not know your Technical Account Manager’s contact information, you can reach out to and our team will get back to you shortly.

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