How to manage inventory with SevenFifty Integrated Ordering

SevenFifty receives inventory from your accounting system at the start of each day. As your team processes orders throughout the day, we update inventory on SevenFifty to provide real-time insight into available and on hold inventory.

Unsold inventory displayed to all integrated ordering users

All users see unsold inventory each time they add or edit a line item. Quantity On hand is all unsold inventory. On hand inventory adjusts throughout the day to reflect newly approved orders.

SevenFifty shows On hand inventory broken out into two categories:

On open orders: Cases on unapproved orders

Available: Cases that have not been sold

If the order you create puts more inventory on open orders than is currently On hand, the Available inventory will appear as a negative quantity in red:


Additional inventory displayed to approvers

Users who can approve orders will see a link to "view more details" next to each line item's inventory summary.


The “view more details” shows a breakdown of inventory at a particular warehouse and lists open orders that contain the item:


Additionally, you'll see:

  • The inventory as of the last time SevenFifty received inventory from their account system (what we refer to as “last sync date”).
  • How the inventory from “last sync date” is broken out into inventory Sold inventory and inventory On hand:
    • Sold: Quantity on orders that have been scheduled for delivery since the last sync date
    • On hand: Items that have not been sold. This is the number your team sees.
  • Sold and On hand inventory are further broken out to show where all inventory is within the ordering process.

If you have questions about inventory management on SevenFifty, please don’t hesitate to contact your Technical Account Manager, or email


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