Connected Marketplace for Incoming Orders

Buyers use SevenFifty to both search your portfolio and place orders. Currently, when a buyer sends an order through SevenFifty, you receive an email notification listing the account, products, and quantities requested so you can enter that order through your own order entry system. 
SevenFifty’s new feature, the Connected Marketplace, will simplify that process. You’ll still receive the email notification but now you will also have an “Incoming Order” available in your SevenFifty account (and iOS or Android app) allowing you to quickly confirm, edit, and submit the order, without having to create a new draft order from scratch. 
The orders are then processed by your company, saving you time while keeping you at the center of a more efficient sales process.
How it Works:
  1.  You’ll now have a new tab called “Orders” in SevenFifty, which will display an alert whenever you have a new order that needs to be processed. 


  2. You will continue to receive an email for every order a buyer submits to you through SevenFifty. That email will now contain a link you can follow to view that order on SevenFifty:                                   

  3. Click “Begin Processing” where you can then edit, add, or delete items from the order as needed.                      

  4. Once you’re ready to submit the order, just click “Save and Submit”: 


Your company will then pull that order from SevenFifty and process it in your back end system.  This also works using our new iOS and Android apps. 
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