5 Best Practices for Managers

Make the most out of SevenFifty’s marketplace and sales tools with these best practices.

1. Drive buyers to your portfolio

Your SevenFifty Company Profile is your buyers’ gateway to your product listings and digital credit app. Hyperlink to it from your website, email signatures, and email campaigns so it’s easy for buyers to dig into your portfolio, see the correct wholesale pricing for their market, and submit a credit app.

Your company profile link will be “sevenfifty.com/yourcompany”. Find the exact link on the homepage in your SevenFifty account.

We have also provided digital badges that you can use on your company’s homepage or brand pages on your site for your convenience. Simply upload these and hyperlink them to your profile. Read more about this here.

2. Boost team engagement

Instilling new habits in sales reps always takes time, but SevenFifty offers management tools to help reinforce positive behaviors. You can monitor your team’s engagement with sample sheets to ensure compliance with best practices through the Sample Log.

Here you can see the number of sample sheets that have been created by each rep, the products that were presented, and which accounts were tagged on the sample sheets. Any reps who do not show up on this report have not been creating sample sheets, and you should inquire further with those individuals.

Scroll down to see the exact sample presentations that your team is building. In this example you can see that sales rep Jimi Hendrix is not tagging accounts to his sample sheets while Johnny Cash is. Jimi is not creating a record of where he took those samples and will be unable to share digital sample sheets.

Click “Sample Sheet” to see the presentation and review the tasting order as well as what custom notes are being added. Use this information to discuss best practices when presenting new products at your next sales meeting.

You can also export this data to Excel for deeper analysis.



3. Help your team create professional price books

Make sure your company has uploaded a custom cover page (8 ½” x 11”) so your reps can include it when generating a new price book. Your company is responsible for creating the custom cover pages, and it can be beneficial to create several versions for wine, beer, and spirits portfolios, if applicable. Speak to your company’s administrator if you do not have the requisite permissions to upload a cover page.

Then lead by example and generate a price book to share with your team. Try filtering by supplier, region, or product type, then email out your example. Remind reps they can always print updated, branded price books on demand themselves.

4. Invite buyers to connect on SevenFifty

Reps should send Verification Requests to their buyers through SevenFifty. This will send an invitation to your customers to join SevenFifty for free if they’re not already on the site, and it will send buyers your portfolio if they are already registered. Verification requests are found on the Accounts tab under the "Verify Account" sub tab. Confirm with your team that they have completed this.

Click here for more information on account verifications.


5. Share digital Lists for focus items


Lists are the most versatile feature in SevenFifty. You and your reps can use them to promote new product offerings, support staff trainings, complement in-store tastings, and more. Here are some best practices:

  1. Create a list of focus items and add compelling product descriptions. Make it public then share the URL with your team. It’s easy for them to then share the list with their buyers or generate a pdf.

Make public:

Share the url:

  1. After your next sales meeting or product training, ask your team to build a List of their favorite products, add product descriptions on what they learned, make it public, then share it with you. This will reinforce both how to make Lists (practice makes perfect), and the content that was covered in the meeting.
  2. Make a brand List to announce your latest arrivals. You can share these with buyers so they have easy access to pricing and availability and can then send orders straight to their reps.


For a refresh on SevenFifty’s tools for managers, register for one of our upcoming webinars here.

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