Leveraging Wine Scores

We’re partnering with Wine Enthusiast to bring the latest professional wine reviews to your portfolio on SevenFifty. Now you can easily filter by ratings and leverage them in sales presentations.

Scores and reviews are only visible to you and your team, not buyers, so you have full control over when and how press is presented to customers.


Keeping track of scores

The filter for wine ratings on Search is located at the bottom left corner of the Browse page. Set a minimum and maximum then select “Go” to see all of your wines with ratings within that range.

You will see a blue badge with “WE” attached to each product with a rating. “WS” will show if your company has activated Wine Spectator scores. Click into the product details to read the review.



Creating sales presentations

Many buyers look for wine ratings when making purchasing decisions, which is why we made it easy for you to add scores to your sales sheets.

You will see the blue badge with rating info next to products with current scores when you add items to sample sheets or lists. Insert the review and scores in the Notes section by selecting “More”, then “Wine Enthusiast review”. You can edit the review or add additional information before or after it. This works on both sample sheets and lists.

The full review is then neatly displayed on your PDF so it’s an easy reference for your buyers when making a purchasing decision.



You can remove scores from your printed sample sheets and lists before generating PDFs.

Showcasing scores across your portfolio

Some buyers prefer traditional price books for product discovery. That’s why we’ve added up-to-date scores to price books and given you the option to filter by or hide them as needed.

When you generate a new price book, scroll to the bottom and select “Hide..” to remove the scores altogether. Or produce a version that only shows products above a certain rating.


The publication abbreviation and rating are displayed next to each product:

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