How to integrate with SevenFifty using the QuickBooks Web Connector

 Installing the QuickBooks Web Connector

Your Technical Account Manager will initiate the process and send you an email containing:

  • A SevenFifty file to download for use in the installation process.
  • A password to verify access.

Note: QuickBooks will need to be shut down before starting the installation.

If you already have the Web Connector installed, you can skip to the next page.

  1. Follow this link to select and download the appropriate QuickBooks Web Connector installer for your version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Run the download and follow the instructions on screen to install the web connector on the computer you most commonly access QuickBooks. If you access QuickBooks via a remote server, you will need privileges to install the Web Connector in the remote environment.
  3. Once it is installed, open the Web Connector.

Screen_Shot_2019-07-16_at_10.48.45_AM.pngImage: QuickBooks Web Connector with no applications installed

Syncing with SevenFifty

The following example is based on QuickBooks 2014, so please note that your experience may vary slightly depending on your version.

  1. Make sure QuickBooks is running with an administrator login.
  2. After you install the web connector, download and double click the .qwc file in the email from SevenFifty. This will begin the setup for SevenFifty syncing.
  3. Authorize SevenFifty as a new web service. Click “OK” to advance.

authNewWebService.pngImage: Authorize SevenFifty Web Service

Note: Write permission is necessary to register the component with your QuickBooks install. SevenFifty does not have access to sensitive personal information such as Social Security Numbers or customer information.

  1. Choose how you want SevenFifty’s application to run on your QuickBooks install. We recommend you allow access even when QuickBooks is not open to ensure we can regularly connect.

appCert.pngImage: Application Certificate

  1. The last dialogue will confirm that the web connector has properly installed.


Image: Access Confirmation

Configuring SevenFifty Updates

Once you have installed the QuickBooks Web Connector and authorized the SevenFifty application, SevenFifty will appear in the QuickBooks Web Connector panel. Here you can configure the frequency of updates sent to SevenFifty.

  1.  Enter the password SevenFifty provided into the password column.


  1. To send an initial update, check the box on the far left and click the "Update Selected" button above it. Otherwise updates will proceed automatically on the preset schedule.

Important: Do not close the Web Connector window unless you wish to update manually. Instead, clicking the minimize button will add it to your task bar and allow updates to continue in the background.

With that, your setup is complete! Your data will be sent automatically and used to update your portfolio on SevenFifty. If you experience any difficulties, please contact your Technical Account Manager or

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